Sunday, June 26, 2011

Djaying A Wedding

This is info is for the Happy Couple, the Bride And Groom. I've been DJaying weddings for some time now, what astounds me is you'll pay thousands for your cake, thousands for your videographer,Photographer,and Meal
but we the DJ who make 80% of your special night are not only the cheapest payed we are  your last thought. I take a lot of pride playing your music and MCing your wedding making sure everything runs on time.We are not only your DJ we are your Wedding planer for your reception. Family and freinds might remember your cake, or meal but they'll remember if they had a good time and if the music and DJ was good. So when planning keep in mind that your reception might not be all it can be if you go cheap on your entertainment, please do your homework and do not have a IPOD wedding those are a disaster.