Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DJ Wedding Mishaps

I recently did a Wedding and being a veteran wedding DJ we mess up to. I’ll proceed to tell you the chain of events and everything snowballed into disaster. It was raining which maid the bus with the guests an hour late.
Next the Ceremony went great the rain stopped just in time, after the Ceremony the bride and groom left for about an hour for pictures while cocktails were served. when intro's started it was about 9:00 pm and the guest's did not eat until about 9:30  or so. From intro to first dance then dinner was served, the father daughter dance and mother son dance was during dinner (buffet style) While guests were being served! Let’s not forget the garter and the bouquet toss in the mix.
Now my mess ups and takes on the whole event while I'm reflecting on the evening.
First my set up was half in the home and on the deck, why you ask! Because of the rain and not knowing if it would start again which limited my view of the dance floor 8 to 10 feet below the deck. The photo guy ruled the time and that should never happen, you as the DJ should be in charge at all times you have a time frame to stick too.
Now at this time I'm rushed to do the intros and fast!!! Now pay attention to this debacle I let the bridal party line up themselves and not paying attention they did not line up in the order I had written down, this was a mistake on my part. next the bride had songs for each brides maid and groomsman which would not of been a problem if they lined up correctly my fault again, now I have all the songs in the order of my sheet but the parents of the bride who are the first ones to be announced are after the bridal party but in front of the bride and groom. The parents of the groom got introduced as the parents of the bride, and the father of the bride is pissed off and rightly so. On top of all this now I have to juggle the songs in a new order. I fell apart I didn't even announce the best man or maid of honor as the best man and maid of honor, but this was a little different the bride wanted the best man to not walk out with the maid of honor but to walk out with 2 bridesmaids and the maid of honor walked out with two groomsman not your typical line up. And all I can blame is myself for not only ruining the wedding intro but looking like a complete rookie. I rectified my self after that point but still the damage was done. Now looking back what I should have done was line the bridal party up like I normally do and took charge, this will not happen again. So to all you veteran DJ's out there don't let your guard down for one moment and take charge of the reception. And to the Bride and Groom I apologize with all my heart.

DJ Dan Ricci
AMS DJ Productions.com

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Djaying A Wedding

This is info is for the Happy Couple, the Bride And Groom. I've been DJaying weddings for some time now, what astounds me is you'll pay thousands for your cake, thousands for your videographer,Photographer,and Meal
but we the DJ who make 80% of your special night are not only the cheapest payed we are  your last thought. I take a lot of pride playing your music and MCing your wedding making sure everything runs on time.We are not only your DJ we are your Wedding planer for your reception. Family and freinds might remember your cake, or meal but they'll remember if they had a good time and if the music and DJ was good. So when planning keep in mind that your reception might not be all it can be if you go cheap on your entertainment, please do your homework and do not have a IPOD wedding those are a disaster.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Speaker Placement

Being a DJ we are trained or told to put our speakers on stands and direct outward so the sound will carry.
I recently went to a fuction last night, the singer and key board player had there speakers on the ground knee level. Now in my mind I'm thinking how they should put there speakers on stands and direct them to the audience, and playing this room a couple of times with it's low ceiling I thought this is going to be like there not even there. well to my surprise it sounded pretty good and loud. Contrary to what I've taught. Now they most likely put the volume up a little more but it made me think to rethink my placement.

DJ Rich
AMS DJ Productions .com